151 180ml Paint Pots

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Code Description Brand Range colour size Price
SHO DY007 151 180ml Clear Gloss Varnish 151 Clear Gloss Varnish 180ml
SHO DY008 151 180ml Dark Oak Varnish 151 Dark Oak Varnish 180ml
SHO DY009 151 180ml Mahogany Varnish 151 Mahogany Varnish 180ml
SHO DY010 151 180ml Antique Pine Varnish 151 Antique Pine Varnish 180ml
SHO DY011 151 180ml Yacht Varnish 151 Yacht Varnish 180ml
SHO DY012 151 180ml Teak Varnish 151 Teak Varnish 180ml
SHO DY013 151 180ml Black Gloss Paint 151 Black Gloss Paint 180ml
SHO DY014 151 180ml Black Iron Gate Paint 151 Black Iron Gate Paint 180ml
SHO DY015 151 180ml White Gloss Paint 151 White Gloss Paint 180ml
SHO DY016 151 180ml Non-Slip Matt Black Paint 151 Non-Slip Matt Black Paint 180ml
SHO DY018 151 180ml Metallic Gold Paint 151 Metallic Gold Paint 180ml
SHO DY019 151 180ml Metallic Silver Paint 151 Metallic Silver Paint 180ml
SHO DY020 151 180ml Red Oxide Primer 151 Red Oxide Primer 180ml
SHO DY021 151 180ml Post Box Red Gloss Paint 151 Red Gloss Paint 180ml
SHO DY022 151 180ml Red Step & Tile Paint 151 Red Step & Tile Paint 180ml
SHO DY023 151 White Gloss Radiator Enamel Paint 151 White Gloss Enamel Paint 180ml
SHO DY024 151 180ml Matt Black Paint 151 Matt Black Paint 180ml
SHO DY025 151 180ml Hi-Vis Warning Paint 151 Hi-Vis Warning Paint 180ml
SHO DY028 151 180ml Grey Primer 151 Grey Primer 180ml
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