Ciret Fitches

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Code Description Style size Price
CIR 1172 Kana No.2 Flat White Fitch Flat No.2
CIR 1173 Kana No.4 Flat White Fitch Flat No.4
CIR 1174 Kana No.6 Flat White Fitch Flat No.6
CIR 1175 Kana No.8 Flat White Fitch Flat No.8
CIR 1176 Kana No.10 Flat White Fitch Flat No.10
CIR 1177 Kana No.12 Flat White Fitch Flat No.12
CIR 1178 Kana No.2 Round White Fitch Round No.2
CIR 1179 Kana No.4 Round White Fitch Round No.4
CIR 1180 Kana No.6 Round White Fitch Round No.6
CIR 1181 Kana No.8 Round White Fitch Round No.8
CIR 1182 Kana No.10 Round White Fitch Round No.10
CIR 1183 Kana No.12 Round White Fitch Round No.12
CIR 15091040 Kana 1" Slant Cutting Lining Fitch Slant 1"
CIR 15091240 Kana 1/2" Slant Cutting Lining Fitch Slant 1/2"
CIR 15091440 Kana 1/4" Slant Cutting Lining Fitch Slant 1/4"
CIR 15093440 Kana 3/4" Slant Cutting Lining Fitch Slant 3/4"
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